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Optomap Consent Form

  • Carmel Eyecare is committed to offering our patients the most thorough eye health examination available. The most important part of your eye examination is the evaluation of your eye health which relates to your body’s overall health. Our doctors are trained to look at the earliest signs of conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension, cancers and many more.
    Due to advances in technology, methods used to observe and evaluate your eyes have improved dramatically. Optomap® or widefield digital scanning ophthalmoscopy has become the new standard of care for evaluating the internal parts of the human eye. In most case
    • It is safe, painless and fast
    • It allows for a larger and more magnified retinal view
    • It provides a permanent record for comparing future changes
    • It allows each patient to see and understand their own eye’s internal anatomy
    Because Optomap® is a diagnostic screening procedure it is not covered by most vision insurance plans. Our office offers this technology to our patients for a low fee of $39.
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