Glasses & Contact Lenses

We provide high quality products at competitive prices, keeping up with ever-changing fashion trends and lens technologies. Every frame is fit using VisiOffice technology, creating a 3D image of your new frame and measuring precisely to 1/10 mm. Precision measurements = Precision Vision!

Need multiple solutions? If you purchase one complete pair of glasses, you get 30% off all additional pairs (sunglasses/lenses too!) for 30 days!

Designer Frames

We offer Ray-Ban, MODO, and many other frame lines.

Etnia Barcelona
Dolce & Gabana
Liberty Sport
Scott Harris

Contant Lenses

We offer contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb and Cooper Vision as well as several other specialty companies.

Johnson & Johnson
Bausch & Lomb
Cooper Vision